One Mile Radiant

by © Anna Maria Horner


Chapter three: “Wild”

I gathered all the inspiration necessary for this collection within a one-mile radius of my home. The Front Walk print, for instance, was conceived simply by stepping out of my front door and admiring a particularly wonderful day of blooming efforts by the flowers in my planters.

A short walk to a nearby arboretum introduces Queen Anne’s lace all along my trail. Deeper into the tree covered path on any summer day, I am greeted by monarch butterflies dancing across a wild patch of Black-eyed Susans.

When the air begins to smell damp, I know that I’m nearing the glowing, pale green pond, and today the lotuses have exploded into extraordinary blooms.

All of nature’s small and fussy as well as large and bold forms combine before my eyes to create such beauty, that I’m overwhelmed to translate into my fabrics and quilts. I hope you find as much beauty in these fabrics as I find around my home.

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